Colocation and Cloud Services

There is much hype about the potential of the cloud (or cloud computing) to improve business. In fact the term is often misused and misunderstood.

Have no doubt, the hype for cloud computing is well deserved. The cloud importantly promises to reduce a business’s IT costs and also to improve performance, to maintain (or establish) strong security, to increase scalability, and to help a business be more nimble. Cloud computing can help achieve users’ demands for responsive systems with management’s mandates for lower costs. CodeBlue Technology has the experience and the expertise to help you achieve the many benefits of cloud computing.

Learning About Your Cloud Computing Needs

The term “the cloud” is often interchanged with many other related terms. While virtualization can be an important technology in the cloud, it is not required. Use of the cloud might involve a commercial datacenter (public cloud) or it might involve your own or CloudBlue Technology’s datacenter (private cloud) or a combination (hybrid cloud). IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service)…all are terms that might relate to your cloud needs and that are important approaches in IT. And your requirements for cloud computing will change as your company’s needs evolve.

Implementing Cloud Technology

CodeBlue Technology has embraced cloud technology as both a form of security and all-inclusive packages for small businesses. You can significantly reduce your hardware costs by investing in cloud-based email, MS office, Anti-virus and Anti-spam solutions. You can host your very own virtual server in CodeBlue’s data center and add high-availability to your existing server. Off-site replication has been proven as the chosen method for data backup. Redundancy of production servers can increase your up-time availability dramatically.

CodeBlue Technology can help you understand how cloud computing can help you. We can help you leverage and protect your existing technology investments as you move to the cloud. Let us help your evolution with cloud computing and plan a strategy tailored to your needs.