The premise of a dedicated call-in support system is predicated entirely on preparedness, prompt response and positivity. There is a problem at hand, it may be impacting the person, the team or the entire company. The engineer’s job becomes that of an EMT.

  1. Listening — Diagnosing a problem happens between emotion. Gathering the facts while experiencing the impact is part of clear communication. A customer is expressing a problem and the next few seconds are critical to timely resolution.
  2. Triage — Based on the information. What can we determine as possible root causes? This step takes a mix of empathy, instinct and the scientific method of hypothesizing. If the root cause isn’t know at the time of a call, engineering may require details to get the best resolution. The Help Desk is point-of-entry and the first call is aimed at being the fact-finding attempt.
  3. Preparedness — For a new customer, this call-in experience is everything. How well was I on-boarded? Does this person know my setup? What happens if this person can’t help? Right away, we reveal the first-call is all about the on-boarding. We need to know what that first experience is before it happens. Your end-users will trust the system, our engineers will resolve problems faster.
  4. Execute or Escalate — The breaking point for an end-user is usually not knowing how long something will take to fix. During Triage, that message must be carried forth with confidence. The focus of a help desk should always be resolution. If resolution requires escalation, the end-user should not have to start over again. The documentation process must be effective.

CodeBlue takes great interest in the improvement of these inbound opportunities to make lasting impact and convey our dedication to up-time. We know that producers expect fast, friendly support that will not result in lost time, lost productivity or long-term problems.

If your business needs a support system that maintains uncommonly high standards, CodeBlue can help. Our first-call resolution help desk is trained from the start of their employment in our call center. Our mission to be the most Helpful Desk in IT is the motivation carried forward by our engineers.

Call us at 804–521–7660 and experience the difference! Our dedicated support specialists will ensure your on-boarding experience is second to none. Or, email us at for more information on how CodeBlue’s Helpful Desk can support your business.