IP Telephony, Unified Communications and Call Center

To understand unified communications, you need to understand Voice over IP (VoIP), which is technology that digitizes sound, divides that sound into packets of information and then transmits those packets over an IP network. VoIP evolved into IP telephony, essentially delivering sound to the desktop through IP phones.

CodeBlue Technology has partnered with Zultys, a leading VoIP telecommunications systems provider, enabling us to offer a highly-advanced, easy-to-manage, true Unified Communications solution that takes IP telephony further and ties: telephone, voice mail, e-mail, instant messaging and information services together.

Many organizations are migrating from outdated, costly PBX systems. They are looking for ways to manage their telecommunications costs more effectively while enabling greater flexibility and ease-of-use. CodeBlue Technology will devise and customize the perfect VoIP telecommunications solution for your environment.