• Uncover and Reduce Risk

    CodeBlue’s technology assessments bring vulnerable systems and software to light. Pointed solutions are created in an effort to minimize your exposure and create predictability. 

  • Improve operational efficiency

     Solving problems with technology has never been a greater investment. Value isn’t fully realized until you are operating more efficiently, with fewer resources or greater production.

  • Scale and Grow Your Business

    solution isn’t a static thing. If it’s viable, it should be scale-able. It should encompass the goals of the company. This process begins with a full understanding and ends with consensus.


Technology needs vary from business to business and budget to budget. 

Repair Services

CodeBlue accepts repair work for desktops, laptops, servers and networking. The job is assessed and quoted based on the needs of the problem. A base hourly rate is presented along with any parts required. CodeBlue procures, installs and tests the solution for your final approval. 

CodeBlue also accepts service work as support needed by your business. For the occasional support request, CodeBlue will construct a block of time agreement to be used at the businesses discretion until depleted. All time is reported and accounted for in service ticketing and time accounting reports delivered to the point of contact.


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Our work

One of the greatest experiences we get to share is valued partnership.
Our staff of solutions advocates truly care about your technical success in your market.
We work tirelessly to listen, learn and strategize with your team, in an effort to strengthen your offering.