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Warsaw, VA Location 5020 Richmond Rd. Suite A. Warsaw, VA 22572
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5000 Monument Avenue, Richmond, VA 23230

About You

CodeBlue’s consultative IT services begin with understanding your business and aligning together as partners.

We work with businesses in every stage of growth. Whether you’re starting from zero, expanding or acquiring a market, CodeBlue can help ensure a secure investment and transition.

  1. Are you a first-business owner? It’s an extraordinary time filled with decisions to make, considerations to take in and plans that need execution. CodeBlue is home to seasoned advocates that can advise, source, implement and support the platforms that will serve you as you grow. Those systems must be considered for scale, stability,┬ásecurity and budget.
    1. Structural Layout– Workflow Consulting
    2. Infrastructure Cabling – Smart Wiring
    3. Internet Procurement – Needs Based Internet Sourcing
    4. Service Delivery – Vendor Management, Project Management
    5. Networking – Data Protection, Multi-Site Communication
    6. Telephony – Human Communication Systems
    7. Data Management – On-Premise, Cloud Hosting, Shared Resources
    8. Systems Maintenance – KPI, Systems Health, Up-keep and Warranty Maintenance
    9. Budget – Goals, Priority Systems, Future Proofing, Road mapping
    10. Advocacy – Market Growth, Staffing, Expansion
  2. Are you opening a second, third, fiftieth… location? Expansion and growth are the key reasons businesses set out. You are enabling your services reach into more customers, more impact and wider legacy. It can be daunting without an experienced partner, geared for your successful scale upward.
    1. Project Coordinators – Construction, Design, Cut-Over, Planning and Communication
    2. Procurement – Added Infrastructure, Delivery, Logistics, Turn-Up and Testing
    3. Integration – CRM, Telephony, Collaboration, Premise Security
    4. Metrics – Processes and Procedures, Systems Reporting, Consultation
    5. Advocacy – Disaster Recovery Planning, Fail-over Systems Design, Recovery Time Objectives
  3. Have you grown by acquisition of business? Rapid growth requires a strong foundation of systems, management and vision. From facilities to logistics, you need a reliable partner to take on the administration, while your core business makes impact within your customer base.
    1. Help Desk – Multi-Point Issue Documentation, Resolution and Follow Up
    2. Service Management – Escalation, Response and Accountability
    3. Engineering – New Systems Development, Process Improvement, Staff Support
    4. Deployment – On-Site, Remote, After-hours hands on problem solving
    5. Growth Managers – Risk Aversion, Compliance Awareness, Competitive Advantage
    6. Business Developers – Web Presence, Communication Handlers, Data Resilience Reporting

CodeBlue works with pride in helping new and existing businesses reach their highest ambitions. We believe having a single point of contact for all aspects of business growth isn’t only possible, but critical to stay ahead. We put time back into your day by tackling the finite tasks associated with new office turn-up, moves, new construction and stable systems migration. Once your business has been established, we seek partnership in maintaining those systems for added value long-term.